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STEAM Education Conference - Attila Szabo

von DORFbrunnen / am 27.12.2018

Attila Szabo, Stockholm University, Sweden - Mathematical talent and creativity


Linz STEAM Education Conference: 19 - 20 April 2018

JKU Linz, Altenbergerstr 69, 4040 Linz.


The aims of this conference are to develop and continue discussions on STEAM Education Research at this time focusing on different aspects of gamification and creativities. The presentations at the conference will enable us to learn about the work of colleagues locally and internationally to be able to develop collaborations in STEAM related projects. This time we would like to further explore the role of Gamification and Creativity in STEAM education and advance our knowledge in supporting creative environments for learning. Thus, we hope that not only researchers, but also artists, teachers, teaching specialists and anyone wish to contribute to the topics will join us.




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