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QLF - Our Life is Interstellar - SUMMER HIT 2014

von DORFbrunnen / am 30.06.2014

QLF - Our Life is Interstellar

QLF is a casted supergroup from outer space, which was established on the basis of a scientific research on summer hits. There is no definitive explanation of the band's name, QLF has been variously reported as being an initialism for "Q Liberation Front" and "Queens of the Low Frequencies". The members of the group are unknown to the public, merely the main protagonist - a nameless robot - is in the spotlight. His dance steps are reckless, breakneck, and sexy at the same time. QLF is surrounded by many myths, studio and live performances are supposed to be peculiar. Without a dozen of candy-colored deodorants, numerous umbrellas and lollipops nothing will work. Apparently all members are addicts of crystalline methaqualone-desomorphine. The first break-through worldwide success of QLF is entitled "Our Life is Interstellar" and was published in 2014.

QLF Enterprises

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