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Troca Bam's - My Lova (Official Video)

von Vramanmusic world / am 27.01.2021

TROCA BAM'S by its True Name Maluta longo troca Born in December in Kinshasa, having been rocked very young in music

thanks to his family, which is a nursery for artists.

for example, his father and his biological mother were part at the time in different music groups in Kinshasa Passionate about music, he began his musical career in Kinshasa with these neighborhood friends; After dislocation of the group, he released his very first solo single in 2016 entitled "lokolo"

which knew the participation of Sankara Denkuta, one of the right arms of the phenomenon WERRA SON.

Afterwards he goes on hits, boxed performances as well as show cases in different places of the capital.

Currently residing in Paris, the artist comes back to us with a very mature project, with sensational melodies and texts that retrace his life, yesterday and today.

"My Life Today" MVDA is his First EP of Four Titles

Label : Vraman Music /Believe Music © Copyright Vraman Music ℗ Producteur Troca Bam's Réalisateur: Alexandra Auriack cadreur : Chris le vrai Starring : Elise Monteiro

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