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Created at 29. Mar. 2015

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by madhou5e

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▲ Artist: Testa

Born and raised in the arcadian surrounding of tyrol’s most remote regions Testa spent a massive bunch of time behind his turntables to advance to one of Austria’s leading heads in turntablism. This fact is best displayed by the 4 titles he won at the ITF battles in the period between 2003 and 2006. In this very year Tes also made his move to the capitol to build a serious career as a DJ. Nowadays after being in the game for more than 14 years he became an institution for some good reason. But it’s not all about turntablism and DJing. Testa is also a super dope producer with some of our most successful releases so far. No matter if he is chopping good old swing-classics like on Restless Leg Syndrome’s „Swapping Swingers“ or fusing modern electronics with vintage oriental sample material, tight grooves and an outstanding feeling for sound-aesthetics is what makes his productions one of a kind. Being friends with Mosch since his early days in Tirol Testa also became co-founder and representative of „Duzz Down San“ dealing with all kinds of communications and organizational matters which makes him an irreplaceable part of our team.


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Studio Schirmmacher

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Jeden Freitag abend legen bei madhou5e MusikerInnen, Dj/anes und Artists aller Arten und Genres ihr Bestes auf und machen das Wohnzimmer zum Tanzfloor.
madhou5e ist die Plattform für gute Musik, egal ob Elektro, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Rave, House, oder Ragga, Hauptsache es rockt! Top-Dj's und Newcomer geben sich die Plattenteller in die Hand, und geben einen Einblick in ihre Technik. Die Gäste spielen hervorragende Musik, sind geskillte, erfahrene Performer, und bekannt in der lokalen Szene.
Verpasse also nicht laut aufzudrehen, damit auch deine Nachbarn was davon haben.

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