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"House Beating"

von DORFbrunnen / am 15.10.2015

"House Beating" is a transmedial work approaching the complexity of architecture. A collective of artists creates a contemporary interpretation of Corbusier's and Xennakis' revolutionary concepts of space. The work strongly anticipates the moment of emegence, creation, construction. It relates to the recently finished Anton Bruckner University building, its surfaces, rooms and sensations.

The dynamic performance emerges from two male dancers who explore borderline possibilities of their physicalities together with the sound of live instruments and electroacustic composition, while a giant wooden structure is being built.
Hygin Delimat
Elias Buttinger
Schayan Kazemi
Alex Georgiev
Andreas Buttinger

Choi Weng Teng
Joel Teodoro

Live gesendet am 10. Oktober 2015

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