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von Arasch.popal / am 16.05.2017

Festival der Regionen 2017 - UNGEBETENE GÄSTE

Azim Arasch von Refugee Open TV spricht mit Xian Zheng, Studierende an der Kunstuni, über ihren Beitrag im Rahmen von "KunstWanderUni" einer Intervention von Raum & Designstrategien der Kunstuniversität Linz beim.

"ZhengXian's Marchtrenk painting 11052017", eine gezeichnete Karte mit den einzelnen Gebäuden von Marchtrenk.

Xian Zheng: "My research direction focus on living space, between urban, suburb and village, try to apply arts to intervene and promote a better local living for future. Drawing a map is my own language while abroad, for more positive communication and more authentic investigate in local. I rotate perspective angle, to present facades on both sides of streets just on one map, as if could walk on this map, which also update the traditional China painting of multi-point perspective.

I walked and recorded streets one by one in Marchtrenk, and have continued drawing three months till now, at least four hours per day. Marchtrenk is a typical suburb residential area between Wels and Linz, with five green kindergartens servicing like 20 thousand local habitants. Global urbanization, new urbanism, “smart growth”, “Der neue Rurbanismus”...... Where we should live or could get a better living in the future?

Ein Video von Sayed Azim Arasch und Basir Ahmed Ahmadi

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