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Iggo Frost - Silhouette Berlin c 1930

von Monica Vlad / am 01.06.2020

Anastasia Maslova
Olga Andrievskaya
Photo - Kimmo Kauko
Editing & Sound - Iggo Frost
The Silhouette was one of the very few Weimar-era clubs where both male and female cross-dressing was accepted and, indeed, encouraged.

It opened in 1926, on the corner of Geisbergstraße and Kulmbachstraße at the border of Schöneberg and Charlottenburg.

Seemingly always under a blue haze of cigarette and cigar smoke, the club attracted film stars, cabaret artists and some very wealthy nobility. Conrad Veidt, Maria Orska, Anita Berber, Hilde Hildebrand and a young Marlene Dietrich were regulars alongside Princes, Counts and Barons.

Men and women in smoking jackets and smart suits could be seen alongside other men and women in sequined evening gowns and jewels.

With the Great Depression of 1929, and the crash of the American stock market, the Golden Age was slipping away to a Hitler-led government by spring 1930, the Nazis were on the rise with the new Reichstag election.

In 1933 Adolf Hitler completed his march to power - and with fury the Nazis pursued Hirschfeld as a symbol of all they hated – as Jew, homosexual and sexologist.

The party in Berlin was over.

Read more here: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2847643/Berlin-liberal-hotbed-h...

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