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Lumen Ambrosia

von Monica Vlad / am 09.05.2020

The primordial cook stirs, sculpts and domesticates raw energy for the benefit of creating the ultimate cosmic meal. The cook refines its recipe by undertaking the experience of being itself an ingredient and thus understanding what is like to be less - and at the same time more - than everything.


"Lumen Ambrosia" bestows upon your eyes the playful yet deadly serious eternal-now, the allness inside the void, the suffering and joy behind a solipsistic dance with fate that mirrors your fragmented self in so many different ways, even though they are all the same: made of circular light, epic and fake.

This visual poem lays an archetypical story in a multilayered metaphysical wave of light-driven-shapes through a hybrid of analog and digital effects that paint theinvisible universe.

Film by: Adistu'

Sound design: Mod-a

Directors of photography:
George Pomponiu & Petre Ghiocel


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