Kaffee Adele VIII

Created at 5. Jan. 2021

1981 Ansichten
by echoraeume

Sendung vom 25.06 2020.

Spezial Edition mit drei fabelhaften Künstlerinnen:

------ Kasho Chualan

Kasho Chualan is a Canadian pianist from Toronto. She is currently studying Piano Pedagogy in Vienna. Kasho grew up playing the piano classically but also experiments with other genres of music. She is currently playing around and composing dreamy/impressionist style of music.

---------------- Maren Rahmann

Vokalistin, Performerin, Musikerin, Schauspielerin, Clowndoctorin.
Performances und Vertonungen: Jura Soyfer, Erich Mühsam, Ingeborg Bachmann, Frauen im Widerstand.
„LAUT FRAGEN“ Elektro-Postpunk-Duo mit Didi Disko:
https://lautfragen.bandcamp.com/ CD „Utopie + Untergang“,
7" "Wenn die Flüsse aufwärts fließen"
Album "Facetten des Widerstandes"

------ Nana Dahlin

Nana Dahlin, born in 1992, is studying sculpture at Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien since 2016. Nana works mainly in sculpture and with performative appearances created for a specific space. The performances involve text, sound, music, and a minimal scenography. Her main instrument is her voice. She uses the voice to generate another kind of sculptural presence, an immaterial one.

Danke SKE und 17. Bezirk!

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