YOUKI 2021 Trailer


Created at 27. Oct. 2021

1686 Ansichten
by YOUKI Jugend Medien Festival

YOUKI Trailer by Viktoria Bayer for the 23rd Festival Edition "Lost & Found".
“Gentle waves, a screen, the view into the camera dazzles. A vague memory unfolds between the images. Scrolling on. The tempo is circa like cicadas. Wild choreography. Memory vs. the unconscious. Both slip on a mossy stone in the spray.” — VIKTORIA BAYER
Viktoria Bayer studies/studied fine arts in Jerusalem and Vienna. Her artistic practice circulates around sculpture and video. Her work is located on the intersections of language, landscapes, geopolitics and economics, questions of storytelling and visibility. Her films have been shown at the Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film, DOK Leipzig, YOUKI, as well as in exhibition settings and theatre plays. She is currently working on film, text and sculpture on topics concerning soil, microorganisms and seeds in the context of the Earth University Bija Vidyapeeth founded by Vandana Shiva.
YOUKI 2021 / 16. - 20.11.


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