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YOUKI Wettbewerbsprogramm 8


Created at 13. Oct. 2022

by YOUKI Jugend Medien Festival

einmalige Ausstrahlung 14.10.2022 09:00

by Simon Bauer, Susanna Humer, Jasmina Maria Seidler, Anna Gruber, Nora Holzleitner, Elias Dietrich, Simon Bruckner, Giulia Cisternino, Ivan Matana, Rosa Schwarz, Roberta de Rossi
Austria 2022, 03:41 min., OVs

An Invisible Apprentice
by Emilia Herbst
Argentina 2022, 12:00 min., OVs

by Brisa Relos, Antonella Luna, Melany Soraire, Brenda Vidaurre
Argentina 2021, 01:30 min., n/d

by Manoa Mersich, Frodo Pernusch, Manuela Pernusch, Paul Pippan
Austria 2021, 08:12 min., OVs

Holding Hands with the Moon
by Sarah Blake
United States of America 2022, 04:44 min., OV

The Redness of Earth
by Eva Kirschner
Austria 2021, 02:53 min., n/d

What separates us?
by Leonie Wimmer
Austria 2022, 05:15 min., OV

by Paul Hintreich
Austria 2021, 03:56 min., OVs

Blast Off
by Kelly Mowei Wang
United States of America 2022, 02:40 min., OV

The Cabbage Statue
by Megan Lim En
Singapore 2021, 11:48 min., OV



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