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Created at 29. Jun. 2018

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by madhou5e

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▶ Recorded 2013

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▲ Peletronic
It was the year 2004 when Peletronics passion for music grew into the next level. Inspired by the sound of 80s & 90s underground dance music scene, he started DJing, and later on making his own beats.
After years of working on his sound, he started studying Digital Media Technologies at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten (Austria). The technical background of sound-engineering gave him the possibility to implement his musical ideas in a more professional way.
Besides music he also started to do lots of film and video projects. Some of them reached the attention of festivals and made him win prizes as a director. There is one thing always fascinating him while doing such projects: that´s telling stories. This is the driving force which motivates him, and he is trying to transport within music and live-gigs.
Most of his tracks can be categorized in genres like house, deephouse or techhouse, but for him personally there are no borders when talking about music and passion. This is also the reason why he never prepares DJ-Sets, every gig is Freestyle. So the perfect Vinyl or music-file on Serato is only a grab away, on every dancefloor, in every situation. In studio he´s combining funk, soul and jazz influences, with futuristic and atmospheric sounds, forcing you into another dimension, while blowing your head away and making your ass move.
His goal is to create something new, that touches people´s soul and makes them dance like there´s no tomorrow. He says that there´s nothing better for a DJ than feeling the satisfaction of the crowd early in the morning screaming for one more tune. After joining Channel Recordings from Frankfurt (Germany), he found a family of like-minded artists and a platform to spread his music all over the world. This fact also offers him a solid base to operate global as a DJ. There are many dancefloors to rock, so put on your dancing shoes, and see ya there. Text - Dennis Lee Taylor (Channel Recordings)


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▲ madhou5e
Jeden Freitag abend legen bei madhou5e DJs Arten und Genres ihr Bestes auf und machen das Wohnzimmer zum Tanzfloor.
madhou5e ist die Plattform für gute Musik, egal ob Elektro, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Rave, House, oder Ragga, Hauptsache es rockt!
Top-Dj's und Newcomer geben sich die Plattenteller in die Hand, und geben einen Einblick in ihre Technik.
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