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ADHINA @ OK art chapel Linz (A) 2018

von Werner Puntigam... / am 08.01.2019

documentary of ADHINA, an audiovisual installation by Werner Puntigam and Klaus Hollinetz at the art chapel in Linz (A) in collaboration with the OK / OÖ Kulturquartier as part of the 'Musik im Raum' concert series 2018 ('inter-sacrality'), December 2-23, 2018.
This project has been dedicated to the high art of the call to prayer of the muezzin and reflects artistically its rich variations in sound and melodics at different cultural regions, apprehended simultaneously with everyday life scenes and surrounding sounds on location. The visual screenings (edited by Werner Puntigam) and the 5-channel sound installation (edited by Klaus Hollinetz) are based on audio and video recordings as well as on photographs captured and collected by Werner Puntigam in Maputo and Goba (Mozambique), Istanbul (Turkey), Algiers (Algeria), Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) and Singapore. 'ADHINA' means 'listen to / being informed' and is the linguistic root to the term 'Adhān' (= the Islamic call to prayer), but also to 'udhun' (= ear). This very first ADHINA presentation, especially conceptualized for and realized inside the OK art chapel in Linz, also symbolizes and affirm the utmost importance of an appreciative, respectful and peaceful coexistence of different religions.

(video recordings & edit by Werner Puntigam / pntgm EAR X EYE)

supported by BKA, Linz Kultur, Kulturland OÖ

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