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One by One

von DORFbrunnen / am 06.03.2019

Arnulfo is a dance artist, researcher, performer and pedagogue based in Austria. His artistic work experiments with new ways of scenic expression; he focuses on the strong influence of Physical Awareness, as a key concept that connects the mind, body and space while dancing, while developing interdisciplinary collaborations with other forms of the arts.


Two bodies in the same physical space trying to remember something forgotten, dealing with new perceptions of distance and seeking old ways of touching.

Two matching images living in different spaces with different timings…

One memory that is unfinished, tries to emerge through conscious listening… It is just an attempt at something that never gets completed.

Artistic Team:

Concept, Choreography, Text, Dance - Dolma Jover Agulló & Arnulfo Pardo Ravagli

Artistic Coach - Martín Padron, Asun Noales, Rose Breuss

Music Composition - Fatima El Kosht in collaboration with Eike S. and Andi Pi.

A coproduction of Cie. Off Verticality Linz-Austria & La Gomera Choreographic Centre. San-Sebastián de la Gomera- Spain.

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