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EA16 05 Abigail Addison - Silent Signal: Exploring Visionary Science through Experimental Animation I Animation Hagenberg

von dorftv / am 17.07.2017

Producer Abigail Addison will present on Silent Signal, a project that connects six artists working with animation and six biomedical scientists. Together the collaborators have created experimental animated artworks that elicit new ways of thinking about the human body. These works explore the signals that enable our bodies to operate and to adapt to fight disease, and raise questions around how our immune system functions, the use of our genetic code, and how disease is spread. The presentation will explore how each project provides a creative response to cutting-edge research in order to bring to life the science. It will examine the different ways the artists and scientists have worked together to find a common language, and how each artist has engaged with their collaborating scientists’ data, tools and processes.


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