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PHTV Nightingale Mentoringprojekt

von phtv / am 03.06.2019

Let the Nightingale Sing!

Nightingale – A Mentoring Project at the University of Education in Upper Austria Teacher students spend their free time together with a pupil in a meaningful way. Today, when intolerance is spreading across Europe and people build mental walls between themselves and others, mentoring is a concrete example of integration that allows people to talk TO, not ABOUT each other. It gives people the possibility to understand and be understood. It is about to see the other person as an individual rather than a spokesperson of a particular religious or ethnic group. It is a win-win concept. Meetings between people can change attitudes much more quickly than information ever can do.

Karl Wegenschimmel (project leader), Margit Severa (project staff), Romana Glocker (mentor) and Carina Sild Lönroth (coordinator Nightingale International, Sweden, Malmö) talk about their experiences in the project Nightingale.

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