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Kebs -Simba Nga

von Vramanmusic world / am 27.01.2021

KEVIN KIMPIOB from a musical family (KING KESTER EMENEYA),

the blood of the melody runs in the veins of KEBS his name Artist,

fan of PIANO and teenager that he was,

he teamed up with some of his brothers and friends to form a musical group called A.D.T ... or he took his steps as a beatmaker and discovered his talent as a singer then he matured with time ...

a few years later KEBS still in the service of music was called to work with a great Congolese musician BOURO MPELA whose title was a total success then legends like KOFFI OLOMIDE, JB MPIANA, FALLY IPUPA and WERRASON solicited his little musical experience for their albums.

and KEBS never ceases to amaze us with his talent and powerful creativity

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