CBA Conference #2


Created at 28. May. 2022

by dorf

Future of Community Media in Europe

Host: Lale Rodgarkia-Dara (Radio Helsinki, AT)

10 - 10:20am

Lab result I: Datamodel & Replication


How can civil society media platforms exchange their metadata and audiences and why should they do it?

Speaker: Franz Heinzmann (arso, DE)

10:20 - 10:40am

Lab result II: Search


Learn how community media can make their audio-visual content searchable and why personalisation and recommender algorithms are necessary for reaching our audiences.

Speaker: Roland Alton-Scheidl (fairkom, AT)

10:40 - 11am

Lab result III: Language tools


How can we overcome language barriers with the use of translation and transcription tools?

Speaker: Gerald Kogler (XRCB, ES/CAT)

11:30am - 1pm

Panel: The future of community media in Europe: How to maintain the 3rd sector as a critical, alternative space?


How can we shape a community media podcast future, maintaining the non-negotiables of community broadcasting and a 3rd sector legitimacy and role?

Panelists: Sabine Fratzke (BFR, DE), Tamás Jamriskó (Radio EPER, HU), Vladimir Radinovic (CMFE, SR) and Helga Schwarzwald (VFRÖ, AT)
Host: Birgitte Jallov (Community Media Forum Europe)

2 - 3pm

Dorf TV


Presentation of the local community TV DORFTV and its online video platform

Speaker: Roland Jankowski & Gabriele Kepplinger (DORFTV, AT)

3 - 4pm

The socio-cultural impact of podcasts and online platforms focused on communities of practice


Presentation of case studies of the XRCB in the context of Barcelona and the decentralization of open infrastructures for radio broadcasters.

Speakers: Efraín Foglia & Antònia Folguera (XRCB, ES/CAT)



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