Julia Witas - Vision of Water (Live-Performance)


Created at 23. May. 2023

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by anna-fr

Vision of Water by Julia Witas was performed live on the 3rd of November 2022 as part of the „BestOFF 2022“ exhibition at the University of Arts Linz.

Dream experiences and personal confrontations with identity, sexuality and death are translated into layers of repetitive, multi-instrumental, atmospheric soundscapes and metaphorical texts, in which the border between illusion and reality becomes blurred.

Performed in a multichannel sound installation and submerged in fog, Vision of Water is a ritualistic, immersive experience. Technical production and Mix for Multichannel Sound Setup: Johannes Wu, Carol Lieb Video, Cut, Post

Production: Paul Lechmann (atellerstale.com)

Camera and Light Assistance: Sabiswabis _____



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