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The Nick Treadwell Show Special Guest: nana d.

von dorftv / am 22.11.2012

The Nick Treadwell Show. Special guest: nana d.

"After 48 years of deep involvement with art, artists and every aspect of creativity and those who make it happen, these are still the reasons I get up almost every morning full with enthusiasm for the possibilities of what might happen on that particular day. If it looks like being a quiet day, there are so many easily enthused creative friends with whom I can make contact for mutual inspiration, whether it be for art, film, theatre, a festival or whatever activity. This time it´s music! I will welcome nana d., a young Upper Austrian singer/songwriter who recently released her second record. We will talk about her music, watch her latest music videos and she will also perform live. Let´s see what happens! Visit us at the DORF studio and join the show."

nana d.: www.nanadmusic.com www.facebook.com/nanadmusic www.youtube.com/nanadmusic

Nick Treadwell: http://www.superhumanism.eu

Aufzeichnung der Livesendung vom 21. November 2012

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