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Animal Music Symposium: Performance

von Julian Zauner / am 16.06.2017

Metamusic – a sound project for and with Grey parrots
by alien productions

Metamusic aims to develop interactive sound installations and electronic instruments for animals held incaptivity. One goal is to improve the animals’ quality of life by creating an interactive sonic environment in an animal-centred design process.

Andrea Sodomka, born in Vienna, studies at the Academy of Applied Arts, studies at the Academy of Music, Vienna (institute for electroacoustics). She works in the fields of intermedia, installation, electronic music, net.art, radio art, video and artistic photography.
Martin Breindl, born in Vienna, Austria, is media artist, theoretician and curator. He studied at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna (MA 2001) and at the University of Vienna. He works in the fields of media performance, installation, net.art, radio art, sound art, video art and visual arts, as an artist as well as a theoretician.
Norbert Math, he studied at the University of Music, Vienna (Electroacoustics). technical and artistic staff at the IEM, University of Music, Graz. Since 2007 assistant professor at the Nuova Academia di Belle Arti, Milan. Lives in Vienna.

Aufgezeichnet am 31. Mai 2017

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