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DKS#5 - Dunkelkammer Sessions | Mariana Arteaga (MX) & Marta PCampos (ES)

Created at 13. Jan. 2021

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DKS#5 - Dunkelkammer Sessions | 08.04.21 RI’NAWI ABALAR Mariana Arteaga (MX) y Marta PCampos (ES) Ri’nawi (word of rarámuri origin): Turn the earth/soil around “Abalar” (dead word belonging to Spanish language): Though out, take out. Maybe from a whish provoked by the confinement of these months, in the conceptualization process of Ri’nawi Abalar we sonically evoked ecosystems: Trying to bring inside what is outside and put outside interior landscapes. Probably unconsciously we wanted to dialogue about everything that is “being alive”, from our small apartments. In those days, one of us read a fragment from the poem “On the surface of things” from Wallace Stevens that says: “In my room, the world is beyond my understanding; But when I walk I see that it consists of three or four     hills and a cloud.” >>>>> Dunkelkammer Sessions is a platform of virtual improvisation that explores the intersubjective relations of a dialogue, through dance, performance and sound art. The format brings together two artists from distant locations, to realize a performative improvisation, using audio as the sole communication channel. Under this setting, the invisibility of the 'other' reveals the voice, echo, silence and non verbal communication between the participants, emerging as new semantic fields that embrace abstraction, telepathy and intimacy. The series makes a question in the context of digital media, in 6 sessions, with 12 artists located in the cities of Mérida, Ciudad de México, Linz and Zaragoza. DKS is curated and organized by Gabriela Gordillo and Fernando Vigueras, with the support of Linz Sounds, Casa del Lago and DORF TV in cooperation with, Primal, CCD Radio y Radio FRO.

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