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Homo Mensura - Bálint Budai

von Monica Vlad / am 15.05.2020

Homo Mensura was exhibited in Hungary last year in Gallery of Savaria, as a part of mixed installation. The sound is representing the surfing flow and meditative scrolling of the world of internet - numbers all binary codes of videos about youtube star cats and memes, pictures about several things like the Hungarian official government meme promoting posters, talks and tutorials, torrent files and everything what I was into in that period. the sculpture part represent the man, the human in the earth who is standing as a sculpture, as a stuck something ( using the collective of the network with all of this information).

--The background of Homo Mensura ( the human is the measure ) stands for a background of Peter Popper who was a great psychologist, spoke about the thesis that there is no evolution, the human form known today is still what the classic greek human type is. The installation was around the concept of the distance and the connection between the human and the network information ( what you have to deal with it day by day ) and the value of it. --

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