AMRO20_ Isolation Hyms & Lockdown Anthems

Created at 18. Jun. 2020

2909 Ansichten
by servus

Isolation Hyms & Lockdown Anthems is exploring the expanding technical environment of video conferencing software in the form of a vocal-piece for voice, video conferencing software and electronics.

The piece uses several computers that all join into the same video conference, in the same physical space. Through transmission delays and feedback between the conference participants, the single voice of the isolated solo performer joins into a disrupted canon between the different clients, that is cut up by audio glitches and transmission errors into a schizophrenic choir.

Every error yields the possibility of change and is the driving motor of the evolution of the piece, which the human performer needs to react to. The technological environment that likes to make itself invisible, is transferred to the stage and show as an active role in the establishment of communication and meaning, abandoning the idea of an neutral channel of communication, instead thinking of it as an environment that has it’s own peculiar structures that frames and shapes our experience of communication and further communication itself.

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