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trans border summer camp 2020 | final public session

von dorftv / am 16.07.2020

One year ago, we met at the ZAD near Nantes for the Transborder Summer Camp: more than 500 activists came together for amazing exchange and mutual inspiration. Now, we want to invite you for a digitalTSC from the 15-18.07.2020.

With the digitalTSC we want to provide a space to re-discuss strategies and challenges in (post) Corona times: we want to continue the discussions and networking debates that took place at the TSC, to understand where we are now 1 year later. And importantly, we want to propose a transnational decentralized mobilization for the beginning of September: on the 5th anniversary of the “March of Hope” – and the historic breakthrough against the border regime in 2015 during the long summer of migration along the Balkan route.

Saturday, 18th of July: final public session


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