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Created at 27. May. 2022

by dorf

27.5. 10:00 - 16:30

Building a European Cultural Backbone



European Platforms

Host: Joseline Veit (arso, DE)

10 - 10:30am

Presentation I: Delphi


Speaker: Matthias Pfeffer (DE)

10:30 - 11am

Presentation II: EBU News Exchange


Speaker: Nicola Frank (European Broadcasting Union, BE)

11 - 11:30am

Presentation III: European Cultural Backbone


Speaker: Alexander Baratsits (ECB, cba, AT)

11:30 - 12am

Presentation IV: ECF's initiative for a European Public Space


European Cultural Foundation's long-term strategy for a European Public Space as a common ground where representatives of civil society, media, politics, digital and academia come together to strategise next steps in order to mobilise people, knowledge and resources by governments and public institutions.

Speaker: Menno Weijs (European Cultural Foundation)

1 - 2:30pm

Panel I: European Platform


About the necessity of a federated network and the role and needs of public service media and civil society broadcasters. What are their ideas for a European platform?

Panelists: Alexander Baratsits (ECB, cba), Nicola Frank (European Broadcasting Union, BE), Eva Kaili (MEP/SD), Paul Nemitz (Principle Advisor European Commission DG Justice), Paul Rübig (Member EESC, MEP/EVP, ret.)
Moderation: Reka Kinga Papp (Eurozine)

3 - 4:30pm

Panel II: Shared Digital Public Space - An Opportunity for Europe


In recent years, the European Union has been taking a more active role in shaping our digital future - a number of instruments are on their way. But something that is still missing on a European level are instruments to foster digital alternatives to big tech platforms and open source development and maintenance. In this panel, we will learn more about already existing examples from Germany, but also initiatives that are taking shape at the European level, and discuss them together in the context of European Cultural Backbone.

Speakers: Adriana Groh (The New Institute, DE), Paul Keller (Open Future Foundation, NL), Helga Schwarzwald (VFRÖ, AT)


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