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Porn To Hula

von dorftv / am 09.09.2014

15 Years of Porn To Hula
... is mainly a history of 15 years of raw power and sheer excess onstage.
Being one of Austria's best live-bands, this movie contains fotage recorded on april 14th, 2013, at the Posthof in their hometown of Linz. Presenting material of their 2011 album "Sailing Around God's Balls", as well as live appearances of Tibetan singer Loten Namling, with whom they released "The Long March" in 2013. This documantary shows a very unique concert in their 15th year of eistance. And can be taken as a birthday present to themselves and you - the fans and the ones who want to take a glimpse at what Porn To Hula is all about. Enjoy excerpts of the show, plus a photo gallery, accompanied by quotes about the band.

Recorded live on 24 track by Hatsch, april 12, 2013, Posthof Linz
Mixed and mastered by Phil Sicko, directed by Phil Sicko and Thomas Butteweg.
Fotos courtesy of Johanna Leitner, Michel Mar and Ina Fischer.
Special featured artist: Loten Namling.
All rights reserved.


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