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Expanded Animation 2015 - Devine Lu Linvega (CA): They solved art

von dorftv / am 05.08.2016

Ars Electronica 2015
FH Hagenberg

Devine lu linvega is a composer, illustrator and programer, based in Montreal, Canada. Operating under the Aliceffekt moniker, Alice is co owner of Beldam Records and EFLI radio, curating and creating a series of experimental electronic music releases.

Presentation: They solved art
A summary of thoughts and experiments on procedural art, its implication on design and the transformation of the creator into the curator of tomorrow. I will go over inspiring examples of works where algorythms are used as mediums for artworks, and discuss the potential futures for artists in a world of generative art. I will also demonstrate a few techiques and tools used in my programming art research works.


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