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TRAILER - Remembering the Others

von dorftv / am 30.04.2020

Remembering the Others is a documentary about the meaning and power of public monuments. In the film students, artists, theoreticians and activists from Prishtina, Kosovo talk about the meaning of monuments. Which people have the privilege to be represented in monuments? Why there are almost no monuments dedicated to women in Kosovo? Which other people (marginalized groups) and stories are excluded in such monuments? The film states that if the (hi)stories of marginalized groups are hushed, and the (hi)stories that have visibility are not questioned, the result will always be a misleading sense of normality. A status quo that creates a platform that gives certain groups the push to the top positions and other groups the push to oblivion, all accompanied by a deceptive sense of fairness and normality. The film epilogue opens way to ideas about what kind of monuments people want for the future.

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