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The Empress Club N°12 pres. Teil 2 / KARIMA 2G | CUKIMAN | SPINELLY | MAX POWA

von dorftv / am 25.06.2015

The Empress Club N°12 pres.

✪ KARIMA 2G (Militant Rap / Liberia, Italy)
✪ CUKIMAN (Italy)
✪ SPINELLY (v.a.k.u.u.m / AT)
✪ MAX POWA (Powa Cuts / Little Island)

FR. 12.06. 2015 | 23H |

ABOUT KARIMA 2G (Liberia/Italy)
Karima is a Liberian-Italian rapper, singer, dancer and beatmaker. Pulling double duty as the vocalist for indie afrohouse duo PepeSoup, Karima struck out to pursue her solo career after a trip to Liberia late last year propelled her to speak out against Italy`s overtly racist attitudes towards immigrants, particularly those of African descent. Karima's fiery brand of social and political commentary delivered in Pidgin English is backed by beats that draw from a complex patchwork of musical elements, including electronica, reggae, hip-hop, bass, grime and afrobeat.

Aufgezeichnet am 12. Juni 2015

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