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EA16 09 Moritz Schwind & Manuel Merkle -Planting Seeds of Surreality I Animation Hagenberg

von dorftv / am 17.07.2017

Just as the flat bed scanner marked a seismic shift in graphic design in the early nineties of the last century, 3D scanning techniques have started to increasingly influence computer animation. The broad access to these methods, caused by ever more powerful computers, the rapid enhancements to photogrammetry software and thus massively reduced costs, opens new possibilities to a wide spectrum of artists. The “Seed” movie is a visual experiment that makes heavy use of scanned data to create a surreal experience. Samples from the ordinary world that surrounds us are put into a new and artificial context. The contrasting relationship between formerly unrelated objects encourages the spectator to create an individual interpretation. In this talk we’ll shed light on the possibilities these manipulations of our perceived reality offer.

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