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von dorftv / am 20.12.2011
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Linz 2011. Jürgen Höglinger aka Uciel and Robert Nebenführ are students at the mediadesign academy wifi linz. It was the final project in the 4th semester and they decided to make a film, a music video about LINZ, the capital of upper austria.

The movie contains a journey from sunrise to sunrise 24 hours.

Linz24 is a movie about impressions from their side of linz in the year 2011.

some facts:

used equipment:

format: FULL HD, 1920x1080p
music: Filmmusik von Ned Rise, Titel: Harvest
technical equipment: Canon EOS600D, Panasonic HDC SD909
BMW Z4 (roadmovies)
software: adobe premiere pro, adobe after effects, cinema 4D,
adobe encore, adobe photoshop

many thanks to : fm4, linzfest, town of linz, cembrancellar, ned rise, chris liebing, texta, and all the other people in the video!

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