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AMRO 2020 | Exhibition opening, Performances

von dorftv / am 18.05.2020

Wednesday, 20th May
9:30pm – 11:59pm: Exhibition opening, Performances

// Exhibition Opening

Part of the opening night, also this years Exhibition "Lost in a garden of clouds" will open with a "tour". This will be done through a short conversation with the two exhibition designers Sai Bao and Yang Mu. See you at the buffet for a drink.

Joana Chicau

is a live coding performance in online environments driven by choreographic scores -- bringing new meanings and producing new imaginaries around the acts of coding.

// gunship collider - netlabel dance mix
Dominik Leitner

Music from when the internet was still the Wild Wild Web. Before the monopolies took over, and streaming platforms became the norm, netlabels where doing invaluable work. Between .gif-laden websites you'd find .zip files full of the strangest sounds free to download. Published either under creative commons, or without regard for any copyright at all, their own or someone else's.

// Heavy Lifting

Scrambled samples, seasick beats, and acid basslines beamed over the internet and into your ears. 150 bpm cyclic patterns live coded using TidalCycles

// ABOUT //

AMRO20: Art Meets Radical Openness 2020
May 20th — 23rd / Online!

AMRO is a biennial community festival that explores and discusses new challenges between digital culture, art, everyday life, education, politics and activism. The festival is organised by the Linz based net culture initiative servus.at.

Due to the circulating Covid-19 pandemic, it was not possible to organize this years edition and gathering as usual. We will miss the possibility to meet our community in the physical space and we will miss the excellent food which was always provided.
We take this as a challenge and decided to come up with a radical digital version for this years edition of our event which includes our DIY culture of setting up our own trustworthy digital environment. We will be distant but we will be social and happy to welcome you within our online event.

Our event is distributed over different independent platforms such as dorftv.at and radio FRO fro.at, but also several other online spaces. To check them all, go to the Festival Gateway at https://gateway.radical-openness.org/

Of Whirlpools and Tornadoes

The 2020 edition of the AMRO festival is characterized by reflections upon the “centripetal” and “centrifugal” dynamics of acceleration visible in contemporary society and the ways artistic practice, activism and radical thinking can engage with it.
Of Whirlpools and Tornadoes aims to provide a picture of the current social and technological movements that reflect the diverse troubles our economic and political systems are currently facing. The speed of production and consumption of new technologies is inevitably linked to the waste of natural resources, which humans exploit and use to their own only advantage without considering the equilibrium of the ecosystem.


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