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Dorninger "min/max"

von fadi / am 18.02.2012

from the album "8k" (base records 2008)

8K=8K+-(G)(A)(N) is a remix concert based on the CD “8K” by Dorninger (base records). “8K” (tags: Techno, IDM, Breaks) is the original state, the material that undergoes live, clearly defined manipulation processes: G (granular/digital processing), A (analog manipulation using dubplates) & N (via the Internet using tubePlug).
The treatment processes are clearly defined with G, A & N, but what is completely open are the selection, the intervention and participation.
8K=8K+-(G)(A)(N) arches broadly between sharp focus and blur, original and quotation, digital and analog, ego trip and collective composition, live and archive, real time and delay.
The performances are recorded and placed online, so that the processual nature is documented over a longer period of time.

link: dorninger.servus.at/8k

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