EA2021 – Synaesthetic Syntax III– Panel III

Created at 28. Oct. 2021

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by dorf

In the age of pandemic, our previously normal experiences of human touch and intimate proximity have become mediated by the screen rather than felt directly. We can no longer hear live music and feel the sonic vibrations; see a painting’s texture in close proximity; become immersed in the events of live theatre, or engage in debate: these events are now bounded by the flat rectangular screen and limited by the extent of the pixels in our screen’s resolution. Under these conditions, how can animation, in combination with music or audio art, re-engage us with bodily sensations received through the senses? Coming together as a series of online events, this year’s Expanded Animation symposium at Ars Electronica continues a dialogue about relationships between the senses, in particular the auditory and the visual. What are the rules, principles, and processes that govern correlations between sound and animation? How might these embodied sensations be explored, unpacked and reassembled in our age of virtual communication intensified by COVID-19? Panel III – In Front of Your Eyes and Ears Juan Manuel Escalante, Yin Yu: Audiovisual Performance Notation Kate Sicchio, Sarah Groff Hennigh-Palermo, Melody Loveless: Alignment of Rhythms in Live Coded Audio-Visual Performance Michael Century, Shawn Lawson: Liveware: Improvisation, Interaction, and Process Intensity

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