philipp quehenberger & ddkern - live aus der stadtwerkstatt linz


Created at 7. May. 2014

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by dorftv

Didi Kern and Philipp Quehenberger are two of the most busy figures of the Austrian music scene: Didi Kern, the human rhythm machine of Bulbul, Broken Heart Collector, Fuckhead, Wipeout, Die Mäuse, Wenzl Dnatek (among others), feels at home in almost any genre: noise, rock, techno, free jazz - you name it. Keyboarder Philipp Quehenberger is familiar with a similarly broad spectrum of sound. As a solo artist he records dark, stomping electronic music (editionsMego, Sabotage, Laton) and is known for his energetic and psycho-active live performances. Wherever the two collide, one gets the full blast slammed in front of the bib: from brutal stormy outbreaks to wobbly explorations of time and space.
Their music is the harvest of countless meetings, be it in art galleries, clubs, concert halls or smokey dives, they regularly blow away the audience. (Text: Rokko A.)

Live gesendet am 18. April 2014

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