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Victor Taboada - CRUSH

von DORFbrunnen / am 24.01.2018

Victor Taboada (1988) is a Mexican composer and sound artist who believes that everyday life is full of very abstract, complex and interesting sounds. Therefore, their music is a futuristic reflection of this search for sounds, generally imitated and purified by traditional instruments and new technological tools. His main artistic interest is the exploration of timbral, rhythmic and spatial dynamism. Having a very strong attraction towards the sounds and daily articles, the use of the new technologies and the perception of the human towards the sounds. His last concerns have been around issues such as auditive illusions and the manipulation of reality through sounds. His works include music for orchestra, chamber ensemble, mixed and acousmatic on fixed support and live proces- sing. He is very interested in multidiscipline, mainly work with dance.

Victor Taboada
für Orchester (2017) Uraufführung
It is a work for Symphony Orchestra or large ensemble that tries to imitate a synthetic and granular behavior through conventional instruments and plastic balloons. Inspired by the horrible events of September 2017 in Mexico, particularly in the crispy sound that make the walls of a building during an earthquake.


Leicht über Linz
Horchester Symphonierorchester der Bruckneruniversität
Leitung: Christoph Cech
07.12.2017, 19.30 Uhr
Großer Saal  ABPU

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