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EA16 08 Markos R. Kay - Visualisation and Simulation in Art & Science I Animation Hagenberg

von dorftv / am 17.07.2017

In the works presented, computer simulations are used as an artistic tool to visualise scientific observations. Observation can be defined as the abstraction of information from a source. In visual perception, light information is transformed and processed through the brain to create a representation of phenomena. In scientific observation, instruments intervene to translate information from aspects of reality that cannot be directly observed into perceptible forms. Thus, the scientific narrative mediates information, transforming it into emergent orders of complexity to produce scientific knowledge. This knowledge is further abstracted when it is represented in visual form. Scientific visualisations communicate these observations, guiding and forming the way this knowledge is perceived and understood. This work takes the form of virtual experiments consisting of parametric systems that are set into motion to generate emergent structures and interactions. As visualised digital recordings, they illustrate the informational paradigm of science as expressed through the tools and iconography of scientific observation.

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